Ichthyology, the study of fish, has deep roots which go back to ancient Egypt, the Egyptians, in fact, categorised fishes drawing them on the pyramid walls. In ancient Greece, Aristotle shows a great knowledge of their anatomy in some of his works. As for the Latins, Ovid in his “Halieutica” goes through fishes and their routine,as well as fishing strategies and techniques.
Since the dawn of time, ichthyology sowed to be something more than a simple branch of natural sciences, as it is always described. It is, in fact, an interdisciplinary subject, since it involves the anatomical, physiological, ethological, geographical, historical and ecological study of fishes and their environment. Ichthyology, moreover, is strictly connected to the ecology of inland waters, hydrobiology, limnology and all the other disciplines that deal with the study of aquatic ecosystems.
Since its establishment, GRAIA srl has always dealt with ichthyology, researching and analysing the knowledge on fishes and allowing institutions, associations and privates to use its experience for the management of the fish stock and the conservation of endangered species.