The GRAIA Srl Society was founded in 1991 by an initiative of four professionals in the field of aquatic ecology and ichthyology, united by a great passion for fish and fishing. Over time the initial core has expanded and enriched collaborators, professionals in the field of environmental engineering and natural sciences, reaching the current structure. Today our team consists of three founding members who coordinate and lead a large group of more than 35 employees and collaborators (many of these have been trained professionally within the Company) animated by the same passion for ecology and the conservation of natural resources.

The enthusiasm and the strong bond of trust and friendship consolidated over time between all of us have fostered the development of a productive reality, such as that of GRAIA today, able to face and manage with professionalism and competence any work or project be entrusted to us. The empathetic relationship, of listening, understanding, collaboration and transparency, which has been created in the group, promotes the realization of the most profitable team work, in which we all work sharing motivation, goals and methods, respecting roles and rules Defined. We believe that these qualities are the best guarantee for our clients and that they are the reason for our success in these years.

We love our work! We do it with passion because we believe in it!

The company is enrolled in the National Research Register of the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technology Research with the code 302816CX

Our Team