LIFE Programme

The LIFE Programme established by European Union in 1992, represents the most important instrument that finances actions in support of the environment in the European Union. Graia boasts a multi-year experience in the ...

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Fish passages

A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, fish pass or fish steps, is a structure on or around artificial and natural barriers (such as dams, locks and waterfalls) to facilitate diadromous fishes' natural ...

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Managing of the sediment in artificial storages

Artificial storages can suffer from silting up, due to the accumulation of sediment mainly carried during floods. The management of this phenomenon through the emptying of storages, it is a necessary procedure not only ...

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Management and preservation of ecosystems and high altitude environments

High altitude environments are characteristic and full of charm. The climatic and geographical conditions to which they are subjected allowed their evolution and the establishing of characteristic and peculiar environments. These environments are populated ...

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Aquaculture - Fish hatchers and breeding

Fish hatchers have certainly been a key element in the field of management of autochtonous fish populations, capable of satisfy many wildlife necessities at the same time and optimize the repopulation of watercourses.

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Naturalistic engineering

Interventions aimed at the environmental requalification of lentic and lotic aquatic environments and wetlands are planned using the techniques and materials of naturalistic engineering.

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Few words about Graia

Working for both men and nature, with the aim of preserving the natural resources and making human activities as compatible as possible with the environment.

We love our job!

We do it with passion because we believe in it!

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What we do

The experience and competence our team has acquired in more than twenty years of activity, along with its multidisciplinary attitude are the best guarantee of expertise and professionalism.


Discover our team

GRAIA srl was founded in 1991 as the initiative of four professionals in the field of aquatic ecology and ichthyology with a common passion for fish fauna and fishing.

BLU Progetti

An engineering company in the field of ecological, ecosystemic and environmental requalification.

Some of our Clients

Through all of these years of activity, the professionalism and competence of GRAIA has been chosen and appreciated by many institutions and prestigious companies.