We have been working in the field of ecology and environmental engineering since 1991, both in Italy and abroad, putting our experience and our competence at the service of public institutions and private businesses.

We workin multiple fields.From the management and preserving of natural resources, specifically ichthyological resources, to environmental impact assessment. From biological, wildlife and environmental monitoring, to the planning of fluvial andlacustrine requalification projects. From applied ichthyology and aquaculture to divulgation and educational activities. We deal with a great variety of subjects and fields in the best way, thanks to theconstant improvement of our personnel and technologies. The collaboration with highly qualified consultants – engineers, biologists, naturalists, experts in environmental sciences, foresters, geologists – with whom we have established in time a relationship based on harmony and trust, allows for an extremely fruitful team work and a great efficiency and optimal solutions for our clients.

We are registered in the Schedario Anagrafe Nazionale Ricerche del Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica with the code 302816CX.