First images of the Videomonitoring in the fish passages

The personnel of GRAIA is currently engaged in multiple tasks with the Life Project “Con.Flu.Po” (Life11nat/it/188) and this video shows some frames collected in the sphere of the Action D.1 of the Project.

The Action D.1 deals with the verification of the fish migrations restoring through a network of active fish passages, of which the fish passage currently under construction, near by the Isola Serafini Dam, will be part (Monticelli d’ongina, Piacenza, Lombardy, Italy).

This Action started July 1st, 2013 and today takes into account the monitoring of four fish passages, two of these are on the Ticino River and the other two are on the Tresa River. The two fish passes on the Ticino are located near by the Panperduto Dam and Porto della Torre Dam, both in the municipality of Somma Lombardo (Varese, Lombardy, Italy); the two fish passages, on the Tresa River, are located near by the Creva Dam, in the municipality of Luino (Varese, Lombardy, Italy), and beside the dam, which regulates the water  levels of Lake Lugano, in the municipality of Lavena Ponte Tresa (Varese, Lombardy, Italy). The fish passages are all equipped with a monitoring room, inside this room there are windows which allows to observe the fish transiting in the fishway. Furthermore, the rooms are furnished with a video-monitoring system which enables to record the fish transiting and to obtain high quality images as the ones presented in the video.