Fishery management plans

The Fishery management plans are technical-scientifical documents which collect updated information on the present state of the fish fauna in the waters of competence. It is also a fundamental support for a proper management of fish and fishing population. First of all, it provides data on the composition and the abundance of fish communities in water bodies. Since fishes are profoundly influenced by the environmental characteristics of water bodies they populate, the study of fish fauna cannot overlook aquatic habitats. For this reason, for each of the water bodies in exam, along with a description of the fish communities, in the majority of Fishery management plan the most significant data on the quality of the habitat and the waters are described. Useful elements for the definition of an accurate picture of the state of fish fauna and its populations are also given.


The Fishery management plan is the instrument that works as a guide for the intervention of the Provincia (district) in the field of the management of the fish and fishing patrimony. Through an analysis of the current and potential characteristics of fluvial ecosystems and fish populations, made by the Carta Ittica Provinciale,must aim, first of all, at one of the following targets:

sustainment and increase of valuable fish populations subject to pressure due to fishing:

safeguard of fish species with apreservation interest;

development of recreational fishing activities;

promotion and rationalisation of professional fishing (where present);

planning of the management of waters, safeguarding the survival and the reproduction of fish fauna.

Managing, safeguarding and increasing fish patrimony and, at the same time, managing fish fruitionis a difficult job that cannot be fulfilled simply by regulating repopulation and fish sampling or by creating safe areas or fishing areas with a peculiar system. It is also necessary to focus on anthropogenic causes that are most dangerous to the survival of aquatic biocenosis and identify the most effective actions and interventions for the safeguarding of aquatic ecosystems of which fish fauna is integral part but also integrated. The modern management of fish fauna and fishing is really the management of the whole water resource. In fact, it is not possible for fish to live in water courses of terrible quality, as well as any activity connected to the use of this resource.

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